Wing-Back Chair Slipcovers by Elegant Upholstery with flat flange

Chair Slipcovers

Elegant Upholstery has been crafting custom chair slipcovers including custom arm-chair slipcovers, custom wing-back chair slipcovers, custom dining-chair slipcovers, and custom accent-chair slipcovers in the Houston-Area for years. We sell fabric and have a large selection that is machine washable including Sunbrella, Outdura, canvas, linen, and microfiber. Most of our custom chair slipcovers are fitted and cut in your home so that you will never have to do without your chair.
Elegant Upholstery & Slipcovers is a family owned and operated custom slipcover shop in Houston,TX. We have over two decades of experience crafting custom chair slipcovers. Our custom chair slipcovers are tailor-made for your dining chair, accent chair, wing back chair, or arm chair to ensure a perfect fit. Our custom chair slipcovers are elegant and durable. Elegant Upholstery & Slipcovers give our client's chairs a stylish new custom look that also serves the purpose of protecting the furniture.
Good custom chair slipcovers start with a good design. Elegant Upholstery & Slipcovers will study the form, style and construction of your dining chair, accent chair, wing-back chair or club chair to create a good ergonomic design that allows the slipcovers to be easily put on and removed even after cleaning. Custom chair slipcovers are a work of art that takes time, talent, and expertise to create. Custom chair slipcovers give the customer the flexibility for personal preferences on style, colors, and textures of high quality fabrics. Our goal when making the custom chair slipcovers is to not only provide the basic function of protecting the chair with our custom slipcovers but to give the customer the satisfaction of creating a new custom slipcover look specific to their taste and style. Our service is guaranteed and trusted to provide a custom product for our client base. Our market caters to customers that desire a luxury custom look to include the finest grade of fabrics, superior craftsmanship and excellent customer service. Our custom chair covers will give your furniture a stylish new look.