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Interior Design  

Over the past few years I have really come to appreciate the importance of interior designers as they relate to the furniture upholstery industry. Our business would not be the same without them. Many upholstery shops and workrooms use them as consultants on just about every project. I don’t know if this is necessary. However, in my opinion, it is not a bad Idea when your budget allows the relatively small additional expense. When tackling a major renovation I would not recommend that you go without an interior designer. They can help you avoid bad decisions that amateurs sometimes make. This is not to mention that there are scenarios where their expertise is needed for safety reasons. Hotels and restaurants must follow government regulations related to furniture upholstery and new custom furniture that interior designers are trained to be aware of. I have noticed that  even when designers are not used in a project their influence is still evident as informed clients generally follow the trends that interior designers helped to create.

Elegant Upholstery & Slipcovers offers interior design services that relate to our industry. These services include: bedroom design, dining-room design, furniture selection, fabric selection, living-room design, custom-furniture design, and window-treatment design.

We offer in-home consultations from a licensed interior designer. The fee is nominal and worth every penny. She will help you make the most informed design decisions. She will first sit down with you and find out what your needs and expectations are. She will listen to your concerns. You will be assisted with the following:

  1. Space Planning- Before making decisions about custom-made new furniture, furniture reupholstery, custom slipcovers or furniture refinishing. The interior designer will measure the space of your dining room, living room or bedroom. This will help to determine what scale the furniture pieces should be. An overly crowded or sparse appearance is not desirable. She knows what the correct distance should be between your sofas, chairs, ottomans and coffee table.
  2. Furniture Selection- If you decide to have new custom furniture made, you will be assisted in selecting what style of furniture would work best in your home. The designer will assist in designing the furniture prior to sending the specifications to Elegant Upholstery for custom furniture manufacturing. At this stage, she also will advise you about other items such as faucets and light fixtures.
  3. Fabric Selection- The interior designer will assist you with the selection of the fabric for the furniture that you wish to reupholster or the furniture that you wish to have custom made. She also may assist you in the selection of the fabrics for custom window treatments as well as the fabric for the custom slipcovers that you may be having made. She has been trained about the different types of fabric, colors and textures. Designers are often asked to help choose color schemes.  Color choice can affect mood, increase occupant energy, or encourage relaxation.  It can even help those with low vision to navigate a space when highly contrasting hues are used to signal approaching walls, etc. She will assist you in selecting the stain color if you are having any furniture refinished. If applicable, she will also assist you in the selection of paint for other projects.

Soon after the consultation you will be sent a computer simulation of what your home will look like. If you do not like how your decisions appear on the simulation, you can make changes.


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