Furniture Refinishing

Dining Table Refinishing by Elegant Upholstery

Furniture Refinishing

Welcome to Houston Refinishing; we offer quality furniture refinishing and furniture restoration in Houston, TX. We provide the finest furniture refinishing and complete furniture restoration services in Houston including woodworking and furniture reupholstery services. We also refinish cabinets for your bathroom and kitchen and front doors. We offer pick-up and delivery to all of Houston and its surrounding cities.

Whether it is an antique, a family heirloom, or your favorite piece of furniture don’t throw good-quality wood furniture away; allow us to restore it.  We offer complete restoration of pianos, office furniture, staircases, banisters, bookshelves, built-in pieces, conference tables, dining-room tables, chairs etc. We will make your wood furniture, cabinets, and doors better-than-new!

Our meticulous attention to detail is second-to-none. Our craftsmanship has been honed to perfection. We use only the best stains, lacquers and oils. We have the expertise to know what is best to use for each type of wood.  We take pride in our work and we have decades of experience. We repair broken wooden pieces and we replace missing parts. We can replicate the original gold leaf and silver leaf. We can create distressed finishes on wooden furniture. We can match any color of finish when doing repairs. We can also completely change the color of your wooden furniture. We pay close attention to detail to ensure a perfect finished product.

If your furniture is scratched up, dinged and dented bring it to us. We can restore it to its original beauty.

Houston Refinishing offers furniture restoration services for your damaged furniture and your antiques and family heirlooms. We also can completely change the color of your furniture. We can touch-up minor scratches and defects in your furniture at your home without any sign of the previous damage. We offer pick-up and delivery services to Houston and the surrounding areas. We offer: chair refinishing, dining table refinishing, hutch refinishing, dresser refinishing, cabinet refinishing, coffee table refinishing and more. If you need your furniture refinished, recovered, or completely restored to like-new condition Elegant Upholstery is a convenient option.

We are able to repair just about any damage to wood. We can fabricate wooden parts for furniture that we cannot repair. If you are looking for a great furniture refinishing company near you, look no further. Contact us now.

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